self esteemChristmas is absolutely my favorite holiday. It’s all about traditions and the legacy that family represents. One year, I learned that family gives us more than an outline of what the holidays will bring—and sometimes it includes things we’d rather not have.

Family Is Everything

Every Christmas, my family has a big get together at my mom’s house. Many of my cousins and their kids live nearby, and they always make it festive. I am lucky that my grandmother is in good health and still cooks all of my favorite desserts. She is in her 80s now and is still very active.

When mom, my grandmother, and I get together, we always have a lot of laughs. Like any family, we have been through ups and downs, but we have always had each other.

Three years ago, my husband and I welcomed our son, Jack, into the world. Becoming a mother has been an amazing, albeit challenging, experience. Jack is the love of our lives and the life of the party. This Christmas was the first since his birth that I could finally relax and enjoy everyone’s company. Even though we were chasing Jack around a lot, we had a little breathing room with no bottles or diapers to change!

Fa la la la la, la la la…huh?

After a fantastic meal and dessert, we all circled around the piano for some Christmas carols. My husband is the musician of the family and loves to play all the old songs. My son was sitting with my mom and grandmother, and I was watching him in the sweet scene.

At one point, he poked under my mom’s chin and laughed when it jiggled. Then he reached over and did the same to my grandmother. They both laughed, thinking him cute. He then came over to me and did the same thing under my chin. I didn’t laugh; I was mortified.

I knew I struggled with weight under my chin, but because my family had the same thing, I just assumed it was normal. But I was too young to have this! It was not as easy for me to laugh it off as it was for my mom and grandmother. I knew that I wanted to do something about it but had no idea where to begin.

Under the Mistletoe

My husband knew right away that something was bothering me, and though I tried to evade the question, he knows me too well. I told him about Jack and touching my double chin. True to form, he listened and said he loved me no matter what. I was grateful but still upset.

I said maybe I needed plastic surgery or liposuction or something to get rid of it. But after voicing those options, I knew they weren’t really a possibility. I was a working mom. I couldn’t take time off,and we didn’t really have the thousands of dollars needed for such a procedure.

Right about then, my close cousin walked over and asked if I was okay. My husband made a joke and told her what we were discussing. We laughed a little and then she asked if I’d ever heard of CoolSculpting. She explained a friend of hers had it done to her chin, and she looked amazing. I looked at my husband. He said whatever I decided to do he would support. I felt hopeful as she gave me the contact info.

Out with the Old

The next day, I went to Bodify’s website to see what this was all about. Fat freezing? Really? It sounded like science fiction. But after reading more, it actually started to make sense. If your fat cells die then they can’t make you fat. And there are no injections, surgery, or chemicals involved, just accelerating the body’s natural elimination of unwanted cells.

I liked the idea of allowing the body to do its job—with a little help. I also was encouraged that the treatments had been FDA cleared. Everything seemed totally legitimate, so I made an appointment for a consultation.

Let It Snow, Let It Go

The moment I met with the staff at Bodify, I knew I was on the right path. At first, I was embarrassed hearing myself talk so openly to a complete stranger about my double chin, but they made me feel completely comfortable and assured me that I was not alone, even at my age.

I also learned that CoolSculpting had a special applicator for the under the chin area. This was a whole new world! Then the technician asked me how I felt about the rest of my body. I mentioned that there was a little pooch around my waist that I hadn’t been able to get rid of since having Jack. She said she could try some CoolSculpting there too. We had a plan; it was time to change my body.

I’m Dreaming of the Next Christmas…

So it’s now been six months with six treatments of CoolSculpting on my double chin and waist, and I am thrilled with the results. I have definition on my jawline, and there is nothing for Jack to stick his cute little finger into. The treatments were not painful at all, and I was able to go right back to work afterward.

When I see photos from last Christmas compared to what I look like now, I am so happy. My husband was so impressed by the results, he is also thinking of going to the ManCave at Bodify. Apparently, it’s not just for women!

If you have any concerns about your body, I encourage you to check out CoolSculpting at Bodify. They even back up their work with the Beautiful Results Promise. You don’t have to accept what genetics have handed down to you. Just embrace all the good things you have inherited from your family–and break with other “traditions.” Give yourself a gift this year, like I did, and call Bodify today!