Many people ask us during our complimentary consults “what happens if I gain weight after I do CoolSculpting?”

In an ideal world, each and every client who invests in CoolSculpting also known as fat-freezing, body sculpting, body contouring and cold body sculpting, would continue to maintain the same level of activity and eating routines so their weight doesn’t go up- but who are we kidding, life happens and there are times we pack on a few extra pounds and also times when we shed a few.

With CoolSculpting, we are NOT, like with diet and exercise and other technologies, shrinking the fat cells. When you do that, they still exist and can continue to shrink or expand depending on what you do. Essentially these fat cells still take up space, just depends how much space.

When we freeze the fat cells and set up a natural cell death, they flush out of the body entirely. This means they don’t take up space and the body will NOT remake a fat cell, even if you gain weight, but you have remaining fat cells that can and will shrink or expand depending on what you do.

So while you can never truly “un-do” your CoolSculpting results by gaining weight, you can visually have less stunning results, if you do, because the remaining fat cells will temporarily expand until you shrink them again- which we know you will! So have no fear if you had a bad week or month and gained a little weight, get back on track and you soon will again fully appreciate your CoolSculpting results.

Most people don’t know that when you are an adolescent you make fat cells- this is one reason childhood obesity is such a concern, a fat kid will have more fat cells to keep small and in check their entire life than a lean kid.

However, after you pass adolescence, you will not make new ones, you just shrink or expand the ones you have- hence why you could have been a thin kid and now find yourself with unwanted fat. CoolSculpting produces lasting results, once fat cells are flushed out of the body they are gone for good.

Of course, you get to do your part. We are huge proponents of having an active life style and making healthy eating choices so regardless if you freeze or not, you keep your fat cells in check and live a long, healthy and active life.

If you are sick and tired of excess fat and want to say bye bye fat cells, we would love to have you in to the office. We are certified and expert CoolSculpting providers and can’t wait to help you eliminate the fat for good.

Our favorite phrase at Bodify is “die fat cells die!”

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