At Bodify, the number 1 CoolSculpting provider in Arizona, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, and Cave Creek based on number of treatments actually performed has done over 20,000 CoolSculpting treatments and we love this non-invasive fat-reduction technology more than words can express!

Why? Not only has it allowed us to help 1000s and 1000s of people get rid of stubborn, diet and exercise resistant fat and help them feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin, it has allowed two sisters to build a thriving business and have two locations that support several families and offers a culture that people love to be part of!

CoolSculpting is a unique and patented technology that effectively gets fat cells to a certain temperature for a certain amount of time. In doing so, the body triggers a natural mechanism that tells the fat cell to die (it’s called apoptosis). 20-25% of the fat cells in the area(s) we treat will go through apoptosis and die in 2-3 days. The body will take 2-4 months to flush those fat cells out of the body. Once they are gone, they are gone for good (did you know that by the time you are an adolescent the number of fat cells you have is set? After that, depending on your nutritional and exercise habits and some genetics you simply expand or shrink the ones you have)! Only a technology like CoolSculpting gets rid of fat cells for good in a non-invasive way (who the heck has time for liposuction or wants to risk the bad outcomes, downtime and pain)?!

CoolSculpting is ideal for those who are 5-35 pounds from a healthy and ideal weight and for whatever reason can’t get those last little fat bulges to shift. It is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle nor a quick fix, but we have seen CoolSculpting time and again allow those who are mostly doing the right things or who want a jumpstart to a new body achieve the body that has alluded them for ages!

Because the treatment is cold and the fat cells take 2-4 months to leave the body (through urine and waste) you will not experience loosening of the skin. In fact, we sometimes see improvement in skin texture. CoolSculpting, when done on the right people (not everyone is a candidate) with the right treatment plan (not all CoolSculpting providers are created equal, even when they have the same machine), and the right expectations are set, is insanely predictable and consistent. It’s one of the reasons Bodify loves this technology and has decided to focus on it. We think our clients deserve amazing results and an expert when they are getting rid of fat on their body for a lifetime.

Plastic surgeons often offer CoolSculpting, but make no mistake about it, they want to do surgery. It’s what they went to school for and what they love (rightfully so). We have people come to us all the time and say I went to a surgeon for CoolSculpting and they tried to sell me a massive surgical procedure. So be careful when you book a consult, you need to go to an expert who eats, lives, sleeps and breaths this technology. You have one chance to do it right and you deserve the BEST!

CoolSculpting is owned by Allergan, who also happens to be the maker/owner of Botox and many other household cosmetic and aesthetic procedures products and services.

Allergan recently launched CoolTone® by CoolSculpting. Another great and impressive device that is FDA-cleared (be leery of anyone who talks about these devices as FDA-Approved, it’s not true or possible and for me if a practice doesn’t even know the different how can you possible trust them to get you great results? Devices are FDA Cleared while medications and products are FDA-Approved!).

CoolTone® has an impressive reputation, although it is newly available to the public, for toning, strengthening, and firming up the butt, legs and abdomen. If you’ve seen photos, you know what we are talking about!

This technology essentially causes involuntary muscle contractions in the area(s) the machine is placed. The magnetic muscle stimulation works beautifully and is equivalent to doing 25k abs or squats in an hour period- that’s amazing. And no one can achieve that in a gym!

This helps you not only feel stronger but also be stronger. You can experience more defined abs and a tighter butt and thighs.

Unlike CoolSculpting the results are not lasting. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Just like if you went to the gym and built up muscle and then stopped, you would eventually see your results fade. The great news, a maintenance plan can help you maintain those kick butt results. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can come monthly or quarterly!

This technology is safe and effective. It’s non-invasive and most people say the contractions feel odd and intense but not painful. After the treatment you can be red in the area(s) treated and a bit sore and tender (just like you are after a GREAT workout). Results will start to show up in the coming weeks. Typically, a person needs to do an initial 4-6 treatments before going on the maintenance program. Many clients sit back, sleep or watch a short NetFlix show (as the treatment is 30 minutes per area)!

The biggest difference in the two technologies, is who they are ideal for. If you still have fat on an area and are looking to debulk or minimize the amount of fat you have, CoolSculpting is ideal. CoolTone® is designed for those who are very lean and don’t have a large fat layer, that way, when they do the treatment, it is easy to see the muscle definition improvement.

Many clients want to do both, CoolSculpting first to minimize fat and follow it up with toning, firming and strengthening. This one two punch can leave you with even better and more astounding results.

Coming in for a free consult at Bodify is a great next step to ensure you know which technology is best for you and how to get the results you want. Both technologies are wonderful! Be cautious when talking to a provider if they aren’t clear on the differences, if they push you towards the wrong or inappropriate technology or build an ineffective treatment plan, you’ll have wasted your money.

Call Bodify, the top and affordable CoolSculpting provider in the state of Arizona and #4 in the world!