CoolSculpting Elite Applicators

CoolSculpting has been called a “Game Changer” by plastic surgeons and doctors alike in the non-invasive fat reduction industry. We couldn’t agree more. Not all CoolSculpting providers have a full arsenal of the latest and greatest applicators nor do they have multiple CoolSculpting Elite machines. As a CoolSculpting ONLY boutique you can rest assured that Bodify will always have the newest CoolSculpting technology available to you, such as the new CoolSculpting Elite applicators that, in our experience, achieve better and faster results for our clients due to the improved applicator design. One of the biggest reasons our clients come to Bodify, outside of the amazing client experience and the exceptional results we help you achieve, is we have multiple machines. Our clients are busy and appreciate being treated in half the time or faster depending on their individual treatment plan.

Case and point, we recently had a client who was in and out in a little over two hours. Had Bodify only had one machine and the older CoolSculpting technology, it would have taken 10 hours to freeze all of her areas. How COOL is that?!

Whether you are struggling with excess fat on the belly, love handles, bra line, man boobs, saddles bags, inner thigh, knees, banana rolls, arms, or under the chin, Bodify has the appropriate applicator to help you achieve lasting fat reduction in the area(s) treated. Giving our clients curves in all the right places is what we do best! What can we say, we love to FREEZE FAT!

CoolSculpting Elite Applicators

coolsculpting elite applicatorsThis is the applicator most often used at Bodify. It’s the perfect applicator for reducing fat on the abdomen, love handles, pecks, banana roll (fat under the buttocks) and bra line! After any necessary “de-bulking” is achieved with the C240, which is 18% larger than the legacy applicators, the C150 or C120 is perfect to contour the body, giving our female clients curves in all the right places or the elusive “V-Shape” for men. This upgraded applicator is nearly 50% faster and more comfortable than its predecessor.
Treatment time: 35 Minutes

F125 and F165

The CoolFit applicator allows us to reduce longer bulges of stubborn fat on areas like the inner thighs, arms and abdomen! It uses the same suction technology as the C240, C150 and C120 and you get the same astounding fat reduction. This upgraded applicator is nearly 50% faster and more comfortable than its predecessor.
Treatment time: 35 Minutes


coolsculpting elite

This applicator is typically used on clients who need to “de-bulk” the area before “sculpting” it. It is often used on the lower and upper abdomen and in some cases, on the love handles. This is the largest CoolSculpting applicator in our arsenal. The applicator pulls in a substantial amount of tissue for those clients who have greater amounts of stubborn and unwanted fat. Once the client is de-bulked, we often treat with one of the smaller applicators to further contour the body and give our clients the shape they are after. This upgraded applicator is 25% faster and more comfortable than its predecessor.
Treatment time: 45 Minutes

C120 and F125

The C120 and F125 applicator allows us to reduce shorter bulges of stubborn fat on areas like the inner thighs, arms, abdomen and flanks safely and effectively. As part of CoolSculpting’s early release program, Bodify was the first in the nation to begin treatment with the C120 and F125.
Treatment time: 35 Minutes

CoolSmooth Pro

coolsmooth proThis non-suction applicator has allowed Bodify to treat areas on the body that previously were untreatable. This surface applicator targets areas such as the outer thighs or saddlebags and non-pinchable fat on the abdomen or love handles. This applicator has received an upgrade from the regular CoolSmooth and is now colder, more flexible, and 45 minutes faster than its predecessor. After a single 75 minute treatment, a client can expect to see the same great fat reduction in the areas treated.
Treatment time: 75 Minutes


coolsculpting eliteJust like with the introduction of the CoolSmooth Pro, the C80 is dramatically expanding the number of areas on the body CoolSculpting can effectively treat. The CoolMini will specially target smaller pockets of fat found under the chin (submental fat), around the knees and even the “tea cups” (armpit fat). This technology launched in January 2021 and Bodify was one of the first in the nation to start using the C80.
Treatment time: 45 Minutes

Watch the video below to learn more about this exciting new procedure.

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