At Bodify, Arizona’s #1 CoolSculpting, body contouring, fat-freezing, fat reduction, and body sculpting boutique we see people in all different scenarios.

There are those who come to us who eat exceptionally well and work out 7 days a week and for whatever reason the last little bit of abdomen, bra, love handle, inner or outer thigh fat just want budge. These individuals literally have done and do everything but they can’t get that final tweak they are after. CoolSculpting works exceptionally well for these people.

But guess what it also works wonders for those who have plateaued on their fitness or weight loss and health journey and those who are just starting that journey after a hiatus.

Regardless if you have a little excess fat or a good amount, CoolSculpting could be exactly what you need to cross the finish line for your goals or to give you the motivation, inspiration, and excitement to get where you want to be.

A big percentage of our clients openly tell us they have fallen off the wagon. Not for a few days, not a few months, but for a good amount of time.

They are excited to get going and know they need and want to start a routine that allows them to reshape, contour, and sculpt their body back to where it was before life happened and proper eating and exercise fell to the wayside. They also want a little help along the way. In the past they’ve recognized that when they start to see changes it is easy to stay on track, but if they make changes and don’t see changes, they lose motivation and fall back into their old habits.

With CoolSculpting, Bodify guarantees your results and what we know is those who do CoolSculpting in conjunction with ramped up fitness and nutritional habits, see results that are even more astounding than those who only do fitness and eating changes or only do CoolSculpting.

At Bodify, we love to freeze fat and help people close the gap between the body they have and the one they want.

Often our clients are busy men and women, moms and dads and professionals who for whatever reason haven’t been able to focus on their own body and health as much as they want. They deeply desire to put on their clothes in the morning and not hear a litany of negative self-talk. They feel upset, frustrated, hopeless, and sometimes even defeated about their body. They know they can get where they want and they want help getting there so they can regain confidence and a healthy self-perception.

We’d love to chat with you at Bodify. We have done over 16,000 treatments and have a reputation of excellence among our clients because CoolSculpting is all we do, we guarantee your results, and we treat our clients like gold. After all, your body is our business and without you, we don’t have a business!