coolsculpting homeTrue story, we had a perspective client come in and say “I tried to put ice packs on my body for hours, all I got was freezer burn!”

No you can’t do CoolSculpting at home and get a result. Why? The technology is brilliant and backed by science, it’s safe, FDA-cleared and effective.

CoolSculpting takes advantage of the fact that a fat cell doesn’t do well in the cold. Science knows that a fat cell must be brought ot a certain temperature and remain at that temperature of for a specific amount of time to effective kill 20-25% of the fat cells yet not damage any other cells or tissue. There are pre-treatment wipes and safety mechanisms built into the CoolSculpting machines to ensure your skin and other tissue is not damage so trying to achieve this at home is a bad, dangerous and ineffective idea.

If you could do it at home, do you feel that all those who live in a cold state would be uber thin? Think Alaska, Canada, etc…!!!

While a nice idea in theory, you absolutely cannot safely and effective do CoolSculpting at home, unless of course you are using a service that brings the machine to your house.

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