bodify fat reduction

Let’s face it, there are a lot of options out there and promise fat reduction. Sometimes the information is¬ overwhelming, and it is hard to know what technology is legit and what technologies are simply making empty promises. But at the end of the day, you continue to search and look for the answer to your stubborn and unwanted fat! What we’ve discovered at Bodify is that good, bad, right, or wrong, how we feel in our own body impacts our self-perception and confidence tremendously. And those two things impact our lives without question. At Bodify, we love that we’ve found a technology that can uplift, transform bodies, and make people feel good when they look in a mirror and see their reflection. The world of body shaping, body contouring, and fat freezing is gaining momentum because at the end of the day we each want to feel the best we can feel in our own skin. We believe using CoolSculpting to help transform those trouble spots that simply won’t budge with diet and exercise is powerful as it results in people loving how they look and interacting in the world differently than before.

Here are the top reasons we believe investing in CoolSculpting, the world’s #1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology is key!

  1. You want to look and feel your best. Despite your efforts you don’t see those one or few trouble spots shift, and you have started to notice internal conversations that aren’t productive. In fact, ask yourself right now, “would I ever let someone speak to me about my body how I speak to myself?!” My guess is the answer is no. So do something about it! You can have the body you want, you can look in the mirror and like the reflection and you can achieve the results you want that diet and exercise have failed to produce. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting outside help. In fact, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity, so why not pair your efforts with a safe, effective, non-invasive, FDA-clearing, trusted, affordable, and proven technology?
  2. CoolSculpting kills your fact cells! Unlike other technologies, this non-invasive fat reduction and body shaping technology doesn’t simply shrink the fat cells (this allows them to remain in the corners lurking and waiting for you to fall off the wagon so they can again expand), we get them to a certain temperature for a certain amount of time, and the fat cell is set up for death. Once the fat cells dies (over the course of 2-3 days), the body will then begin its work to flush it out over the course of 2-4 months. On a daily basis you won’t notice the change, but after 16 weeks you will no doubt see, feel, and experience the undeniable reduction of fat in the areas you treated with CoolSculpting and Bodify. In fact, we guarantee it!
  3. CoolSculpting has been performed in over 8 million times and is utilized as a highly safe and effective body contouring and fat reduction technology in 80 countries. It’s been around for nearly 10 years and continues to gain popularity and momentum as it is so effective. We all know that products and technologies that don’t deliver on promises, are not tolerated and eventually lose steam, momentum, and face erosion in reputation. CoolSculpting, because it works so well, is respected, trusted, safe, and effective continues to be the front runner in non-invasive body fat reduction. No other technology has the same reputation or level of success. At Bodify it is the only technology we offer, and we guarantee results, so if CoolSculpting wasn’t highly effective, we’d be out of business. But instead we continue to grow and are opening a second Bodify location in the Scottsdale Kierland area!
  4. You’re tired of struggling to achieve the body you want. The biggest commonality among all our clients is their shared realization that they couldn’t achieve their body goals on their own and they were sick and tired of the futile efforts, time, and money spent on things that didn’t work at all. So many men and women believe if they simply work harder, results will come. In some cases, people aren’t doing the right things and life style changes will serve them best. But what we find with our CoolSculpting clients at Bodify, is most are doing the right things, but results still allude them. They don’t have more hours in the day to devote to the gym, or the ability to restrict their diets even more (we have to live and enjoy right) but they still want changes and they are ready to get a little help. There is no shame in that, in fact, it’s smart, why continue to beat your head against the same wall and see no change. Why not, use a safe, effective, FDA-cleared, non-invasive fat-reduction technology to get what you want? Millions of people have, and they are walking around with improved self-confidence and enhanced self-perception which has the power to change your life in wonderful and positive ways.
  5. Bodify guarantees your fat reduction results so you truly have nothing to lose but stubborn and unwanted fat. We 100% stand behind the technology and our ability to deliver fat-reduction results. We decided when we opened Bodify, Arizona’s only CoolSculpting only boutique dedicated to your fat reduction and results, that it wasn’t fair to ask people to invest their hard-earned money into us, if we couldn’t actually change their body! So, all you have to ask yourself if, “do I want my body to change and am I willing to finally invest in me?” If so they CoolSculpting at Bodify is the best thing you can do to finally say goodbye to stubborn fat and step into a body you appreciate, respect and feel great in.