This is a question we get regularly and one you’re probably asking yourself if you’re considering getting started with CoolSculpting. This FDA-cleared and non-invasive procedure has been around for nearly eight years. With more than 7,000 treatments under our belts, Bodify can unequivocally answer this question: Yes, this procedure really does work and results are undeniable. Here’s why:

It Eliminates Fat Cells

Diet and exercise are awesome, but for as often as you work out or as strictly as you watch what you eat, the fat cells are still there. Fat cells simply shrink or expand depending on your activity level and food choices.

Diet and exercise do not eliminate fat cells forever. With this procedure, we are permanently reducing the number of fat cells you have in an area and, obviously, fat cells that are no longer there can’t get bigger. Thus, fat freezing is a viable solution for those who have resistant fat and are looking for long-term solutions for reducing the thickness, volume, and density of pesky fat.

With fewer fat cells in the key, targeted areas, you’ll lose inches and your clothes will feel better. Of course, it takes a little while for the results to show as the body takes time to naturally flush from your body. In two to four months, you’ll notice a marked difference in inches, but more importantly, in your look, confidence, and how you feel in your clothes

CoolSculpting Isn’t for Everyone

This is a non-invasive procedure that is not ideal for every body type. If someone is considering liposuction or plastic surgery, that same person might be thinking about CoolSculpting. There are some similarities, naturally, but the major difference is in the downtime, which disappears when choosing this route. In addition, unlike other procedures, Bodify’s approach delivers predictable and lasting results without surgery, incisions, or needles.

The perfect candidate for fat freezing is a man or woman who is active, eats pretty well most of the time, and takes care of him or herself—but despite those efforts, has some trouble areas that are hard to get in shape. Typical areas to be treated are around the stomach, back, hips, thighs, love handles, knees, under the upper arms, and the neck / double chin. Clients can see results after one treatment. For those who are looking to achieve more liposuction-type results, the areas of concern can be retreated after four weeks. Many people elect to freeze multiple areas on the body, such as the abdomen and love handles, to give an overall reduction of the entire midsection, truly changing how clothes fit!

If you have more than 35 pounds to lose to achieve your ideal weight, you might not be a good candidate for CoolSculpting; however, many of our clients use this process as a weight-loss motivator. Those who had struggled to stay on track with eating and exercise changes find motivation in knowing, after they drop a little more weight, they can pair fat freezing with their diet and exercise efforts and see true transformation.

On the flipside, if you don’t have the right type of fat, the procedure likely won’t be a good option because results would not produce the “wow” factor team Bodify expects to see. During your consultation, you will discover if you’re an ideal candidate or if this treatment is not right for your situation or body composition.

So Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

If you are identified as an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting, the likelihood is exceptionally high that it will work for you. During your consultation, you’ll meet with a certified expert who will ask you questions, do a 360-degree body assessment, show you before-and-after photos of Bodify clients, and determine if this is the right procedure for you. If the fat-eliminating option is right for you, we will schedule your treatments. Depending on what applicators are best for you and how many areas you freeze, you could relax in spa-like rooms equipped with movies, music, and Wi-Fi for anywhere from one to five hours.

After your initial session, you will be asked to return at four weeks to take pictures so we can begin to monitor your fat reduction. About 35% of individuals start to see a reduction at the four-week mark, but full results take two to four months. At the four-month mark, if for some reason the procedure did not produce the expected results, you’ll be backed up by Bodify’s Beautiful Results Promise™:

Bodify believes if you invest time and money into CoolSculpting, it should work. If at the four-month mark, you have not gained more than three pounds and we are not seeing a visible reduction in the fat layer, we set up another treatment for you FREE of charge.

We stand behind our work and we stand behind the technology. Yes, and we stake our reputation on it.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at our before-and-after pictures to see results. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your body-transformation goals!