5 facts about coolsculpting vs. what you believe

1. CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite are not the same!

Don’t be fooled by providers with the CoolSculpting legacy device offering discounted pricing. You get what you pay for! The newest CoolSculpting technology, CoolSculpting Elite, is far superior for many reasons!

–          The newly designed applicators cover up to 18% more fat- so you get better fat-freezing coverage

–          The newly designed applicators get 33% better contact with your body – so results are better

–          The new machine helps us freeze more of your fat faster – each machine can treat two body parts at once

–          Results are quicker and better than ever before – trust us, we’ve used CoolSculpting Elite for nearly two years

Bodify invested in the new and improved device because your results are our reputation, and we guarantee results. We care about you and invest because we believe our clients deserve the very best when it comes to non-invasive fat reduction, body contouring, fat-freezing, and fat-melting!

2. CoolSculpting is great for men and women of many shapes and sizes

Many falsely believe that you either need to be thin to qualify for CoolSculpting or to have a lot of extra fat to be ideal for CoolSculpting. But the truth is, if you are working hard, eating right, and have some stubborn fat that won’t change, CoolSculpting Elite at Bodify is for you. Or if you are needing a jumpstart because you are ready to get on the wagon and change your body for good, CoolSculpting can be a great motivator and addition to your new lifestyle changes.

We don’t judge our clients, so don’t judge yourself! Come in for a free consult to see if CoolSculpting can help you close the gap between the body you have and the one you want!

3. Results take time, and more than one treatment session is needed for ideal outcomes

CoolSculpting is not a magic bullet. Results take time, you need to do your full treatment plan, and you have to maintain or improve your current lifestyle. We’ve done 32,000+ treatments and consistently see great results. We set proper expectations and build the treatment plan needed to achieve the ideal outcome.

If providers are promising fast results or tell you only one session, it’s time to look elsewhere!

4. Not all providers get you the same results

Fat freezing and body contouring are skills. It’s a craft and must be practiced and perfected to ensure clients get beautiful outcomes. Offices hire newbies and let them train on you. Offices offer many services and rarely use their CoolSculpting device. Offices build treatment plans to fit your budget vs. get you the results you deserve. Offices refuse to guarantee results which put your money at risk. At Bodify, CoolSculpting is all we do. We’ve done 32,000 plus treatments, guarantee results, and have CoolSculpting Elite. So there is no better time than now to freeze your stubborn fat at Bodify.

5. CoolSculpting can freeze nine different body parts!

Often people think CoolSculpting fat-freezing is limited to the stomach and love handles. Not true. CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to treat nine different body parts in men and women (fat doesn’t discriminate). We can successfully freeze fat on the stomach, love handles, outer thighs, inner thighs, upper arms, under the chin, bra fat, knees, and banana rolls.  And at Bodify, unlike many offices, we can freeze those pesky pecs, aka man boobs too.

About Bodify CoolSculpting Spa

A Coolsculpting Dedicated Boutique

When you decide to have CoolSculpting and permanently remove unwanted fat, it’s a big deal. Other medical spas in Arizona offer CoolSculpting and various other services. While a full-service clinic may seem logical, Bodify is adamant that focusing on ONE technology will give you the best results.

You’ll be happy to know our CoolSculpting certified team has performed nearly 30,000 treatments to date, and that number keeps growing. Day in and day out, CoolSculpting is all we do, and to say we know it like the back of our hand is an understatement.

Our reputation among Allergan and other CoolSculpting providers is humbling and exciting. Hundreds of other CoolSculpting providers approached us and asked if we could teach them what we know so they could get their clients exceptional results and deliver a better client experience. We now host monthly training courses through our Bodify Academy. We believe that there is enough fat to freeze for us all to win, and we want every CoolSculpting provider out there to have the skills and tools we do so their clients get the treatment outcomes they deserve.

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