Why You Should Consider CoolSculpting Elite At Bodify

So many men and women, 80% in fact, have stated they have at least one part on their body that frustrates them, doesn’t budge regardless of their efforts, and has left them feeling annoyed, helpless, frustrated, and depressed about their body shape, size, or composition.

magic coolsculptingLet’s face it, most of us would love to wave a magic wand and make some type of shift on our bodies. This is not wrong, this is not vain, it’s called being human. When you do the right things in terms of diet and exercise, mostly (no one is perfect), yet you still can’t achieve the body changes you want, when you have tried diets, pills, exercise classes, and a slew of other products and services to change those unsightly bulges, or when you feel that genetically you were offered the short end of the stick, it’s easy to think there is no way out, that you are destined to have this body that you are less than thrilled in.

Yes, self-confidence is key, yes we get to embrace who we are, but we also get to remember that humanity has flourished and grown and changed because we don’t settle for what we have, we desire more, we work towards more, we look for solutions and we evolve.

This is no different for business, the environment, or our bodies. Yes, it’s ok to have self-love and also want improvements in our bodies at the same time.

If this is you, if you want your body to change, if you are tired of seeing no results despite your efforts, if you feel you have the genetic short stick, if your body changed after pregnancy, your aging, facing hormonal changes, or you simply can’t seem to get rid of that extra pudge on your stomach, flanks, arms, chin, pecs, bra fat, or inner or outer thighs, CoolSculpting Elite at Bodify may be the perfect solution for you.

We have two locations; one is Scottsdale and one in Phoenix. We’ve been happily freezing fat for 6.5 years and have frozen more fat, successfully reshaped more bodies, and used CoolSculpting Elite to get incredible outcomes for our clients than any other CoolSculpting, non-invasive fat-reduction provider in AZ.

Not all technologies are the same and not all CoolSculpting providers are created equally.

If you’ve ever seen someone with bad Botox do you blame the Botox or the injector? The injector, of course, the same is true for CoolSculpting Elite. You get what you pay for, and when it comes to lasting and non-invasive fat reduction, you want the best!

Award Phoenix medical spa opens second CoolSculpting location Scottsdale

At Bodify we guarantee results, have incredible reviews, only offer one service so we are the experts and have earned a reputation of excellence among clients, Allergan, AbbVie, and other CoolSculpting providers alike.

We understand the technology, we know how to build effective treatment plans, our beautiful locations are welcoming and inviting, we train other CoolSculpting providers all over the world, we use our own CoolSculpting before and after photos, and have the new CoolSculpting Elite system (don’t be fooled, most providers have yet to upgrade and this means you are using a less capable machine).

Melissa and Jessica have built the business on one tenant- spark joy and uplift humanity. They believe, good, bad, right or wrong, when you feel good in your own skin you operate differently in their world. So if getting rid of your stubborn fat in a lasting way, makes you more comfortable and confident in your own skin, we are happy to freeze your fat with the best and newest in fat freezing, the amazing CoolSculpting Elite.