power of gratitudeMore than Wishful Thinking

You may think that being grateful on a daily basis is so much woo-woo, but the truth is that the power of gratitude and positive thinking is backed by science. At the University of Pennsylvania lives the Positive Psychology Center. They offer the world’s first master of applied positive psychology. As their website defines it, “positive psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.”

So it’s not just about thinking good thoughts; at least that’s not everything. When we look at the positive aspects of life—and take a moment to be grateful for them—we are channeling our strengths and enabling ourselves and those around us to thrive.

Transform Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life

As Martin Seligman knew when he started the positive psychology movement, it is better to focus on the good than on the bad. Prior to his research, psychology had only dealt with mental illnesses. But when you think about negative things, you tend to dwell on those bad thoughts. Thankfully, when you start to see the good in what occurs around you, more good comes to light.

Some people call the process of getting more of what you spend energy thinking on the Law of Attraction. Essentially, by giving your thoughts to a certain thing, you’re asking the universe to send more of that thing. If your thoughts focus on the negative, you get more negative. If they focus on the positive, you get more positive.

Whether you call it Law of Attraction or not, it’s just common sense that happy leads to happy and sad leads to sad.

Channeling the Power of Gratitude

The biggest way to harness the power of gratitude is to take a few moments every day and think about what you’re grateful for. This is great practice before you face your day as well as before you drift off to sleep. Look at everything that will happen or that did happen and see what’s positive about it. Even seemingly negative happenings can become a lesson in gratitude with the right attitude.

Anyone can have a bad day, so being grateful isn’t about everything being rosy all the time. It’s in how you look at it. If you get a flat tire on the way to work, you can do one of two things:

• Focus on the negative: “Ugh, a flat tire…. This is just what I need. What a way to start my day. Now everything about today is going to be awful.”
• Focus on the positive: “I’m in a safe place, I have a spare in the trunk, and I know how to change the tire. Plus, if I need help, I can call roadside assistance. And the weather is amazing for having this happen today.”

The choice is yours.

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