valentines day

Think outside the box of chocolates for a romantic Valentine’s Day this year! Turn up the volume on together time with your sweetheart and try one of these three refreshingly non-traditional ideas instead.

Get Adventurous

couple hikeExperiences are the way to go, and nearly half of all US adults say they’d love to receive a gift of experience this Valentine’s Day. So get outside and share an adventure together. Plan a romantic Valentine’s Day focused on being active, staying fit, and pushing your boundaries. Take your adrenaline levels up a notch by trying something totally new for an off-the-charts memorable experience. From desert hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing to skydiving, stand-up paddling, and zip-lining, make a plan to get away together for a few hours or even for the whole day. Build in some downtime afterward to reflect on your time together—and look at the selfies you snapped during your adventure.

Get Sweet

musicFor a fresh twist on that romantic Valentine’s Day box of chocolates, treat yourself and your love to sweets you make together. There’s a reason candy is a popular gift: it’s undeniably delicious! In fact, 94% of Americans say they want candy or chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift. With a few supplies, a little creativity, and a YouTube video as a primer, you two can try your hand at artisanal chocolates made at home in your own kitchen. Think: the pottery scene in Ghost but with chocolate instead! Have fun choosing your sweet treat together—from hand-rolled truffles to hand-painted chocolate lollipops and more. Have even more fun making it. And, of course, the best part is tasting your finished product. For bonus points, select a wine pairing for the flavors in your chocolates, then sip while you nibble on the chocolates—or each other!

Get Remembered

Whether you’ve been together for months, years, or decades, plan a romantic Valentine’s Day walk down Memory Lane. Fill your day with your firsts as a couple. Watch the first movie you saw together, make a playlist of songs from meaningful moments you’ve shared, have dinner at your first-date spot, or pull together a quick picture collection of firsts from your time together. And don’t forget to remember your very first kiss. A reenactment is highly recommended!

The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day of All

If you’re like most couples, one of the things that attracted you in the first place was your looks. And while you’re likely still just as smitten as on your first meeting, extra years can often equate to extra inches. This year, you can give yourselves a gift that keeps on giving: the gift of an enviable waistline or flab-less upper arms!

CoolSculpting is the noninvasive, FDA-cleared treatment for eliminating excess fat. In less than an hour, the two of you will start to rid yourself of extra fat cells, painlessly and without any additional effort. At Bodify, we specialize in CoolSculpting; in fact, that’s all we do. And with 12,000 treatments so far, we are the Phoenix leaders.

This Valentine’s Day, you and your sweetheart can invest in improving how you look and feel—together. At your initial consultation, you’ll receive a custom assessment and learn more about how Bodify can help you reach your #couplegoals. After all, there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

Whatever you choose this Valentine’s Day, the most important part is making that all-important quality time together a priority. Even if your schedule is packed, be sure to carve out a little couple’s time. Bodify helps you make that a reality.