Such a great question and fortunately there is an easy answer!

At Bodify, we find there are three types of individuals, or camps, if you will, for CoolSculpting candidates who are looking to have stellar results and see undeniable before and after CoolSculpting photos.

  1. Those who are literally doing everything they can, eating well and being exceptionally active. However, despite their efforts, because of aging, genetics, hormonal changes and a slew of other factors, the stubborn pockets of fat are not shifting, and sometimes even getting more prominent. They are ideal for CoolSculpting because this fat-freezing, body contouring and body sculpting technology is made for excess fat that doesn’t budge no matter what. They individuals can’t get the body they want on their own and add CoolSculpting to their arsenal so they look and feel their best.
  2. Those who are in the process of losing weight. We always tell people, CoolSculpting, on it’s own will get you amazing results, but when done in conjunction with weight loss, the results and CoolSculpting after photos are even more amazing. Why? CoolSculpting targets and kills 20-25% of the stubborn fat in the area we treat. Those fat cells die, flush out of the body and leave it noticeably less dense and leaner. When you lose weight, you shrink your fat cells so the combination of eliminating and shrinking fat cells is even more transformative than just freezing them or just shrinking them. We find that many times when someone has invested the time and money into CoolSculpting they are more motivated to stay on track with exercise and diet changes. Life is too short and hard not to have help!
  3. Those who want to use CoolSculpting as a carrot- they want to drop the weight and then reward themselves with CoolSculpting. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, we do find that most people coming to us are here because their exercise and eating habits are not allowing them to achieve what they want, so often when someone says I’ll do this after I drop the weight, we never see them again.

If you are in one of these camps, we would love you to come in, see our CoolSculpting after photos and pictures, assess your area(s) of frustration so you can determine if this fat freezing, cold body sculpting technology is a fit for you.

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