It seemed like no matter who I spoke with, what research I did, everyone and every publication was singing the praises of CoolSculpting, the world’s number 1 non-invasive fat-reduction technology. Not unlike most women in their 50s, I have a few kiddos, been married, worked out a fair amount, done my best to eat right, and built a career I’m proud of.

However, it seemed, as the years passed, that it became harder and harder to maintain the shape I wanted. Long gone were the days when I could crash diet for 5 days and fit into the dress and look amazing. It now seemed like a fight to just maintain my weight, and maintain is really not accurate, pounds had been creeping a little at a time over the years. What really caught me off guard was how my composition seemed to shift, even when the scale didn’t my clothes just felt and looked different, my pudge and fat seemed to feel and look different, and I certainly didn’t fit in my clothes the same.

I tried everything, yes, I am one of those. Diet pills, crash diets, teas, not eating, keto, working out, cardio, weights, and while all these things helped ensure I didn’t gain a ton of weight they never helped me successfully regain the shape I wanted.

Late one night after a networking event when I was feeling particularly unattractive in my outfit, I started to Google CoolSculpting. Of course Bodify showed up at the top, turns out they are owned by two sisters who decided to open a medspa that only offered a single service. They stated they wanted to be the best at one thing vs. offering a slew of services and not being great at any. I appreciated their approach, but I also wanted my fat gone for cheap.

Couldn’t I have both?

As much as I wanted to believe cheap CoolSculpting on Groupon was just as good as any CoolSculpting I soon found this to be very far from the truth.

I purchased Groupon CoolSculpting sessions. Turns out what I thought I was buying and what I actually bought were very different. How was I supposed to know that a session wasn’t going to actually treat my entire abdomen and I would have to buy more full priced treatments to get a good reduction. I immediately felt mislead, that’s what fine print does. The staff at the office had no clue what I purchased nor did they have any clarity around it- turns out almost every service they had was being listed on Groupon. I showed up for my initial consult, and the office doors were locked. I called and left a message and didn’t hear back until the following day. Turns out the scheduled had been mixed up and someone forgot to call me.

Thus far I was not impressed but I had purchased the deal and wanted my fat gone. They were able to get me in a few days later. I met with a nice woman but as soon as I started to ask for details, she went blank. She apologized and said she was new to CoolSculpting. She then walked me through the rest of the consult where she informed me that what I bought would not be enough to treat my abdomen and I needed to spend another $3,650. Yikes felt like total bait and switch. I’m not opposed to investing money in myself, but I don’t like feeling mislead.

I reluctantly booked the treatment and left feeling not great. When I went home, I just felt the need to look at Bodify again.

I gave them a call and asked how much CoolSculpting was for the abdomen. Although they were not able to give me my pricing they did a great job of explaining why. They assured me they were not wanting to mislead me or give me a number that was wrong as that would be unfair to me.

I understood the analogy they gave about different shapes and sizes of people needing different applicators, numbers of applicators and rounds depending on how much fat a person wanted gone. They reassured me there is no pressure at the consult and it’s just an opportunity to see if it’s a fit.

Before getting off the phone they asked what I wanted to drink when I arrived, sent me a text of the building they are in and let me know I’d get several educational emails on CoolSculpting before my consult that are filled with good info in case I was wanting to learn and research more.

I received a confirmation call before my appointment, a text, and an email I’m busy so for me I appreciated the multiple forms of communication so I didn’t forget my consult day and time (not that I would, I wanted my fat gone).

The office was beautiful, Hailey, who did my consult was extremely knowledgeable, was certified by CoolSculpting University, had gone to all their classes, showed me before and after pictures of people like me (who she had treated) and talked to me about the technology, what to expect, pricing and everything it between. It was clear she knew her stuff.

When she went over pricing it was straight forward and she reminded me that a huge percentage, 70% of my outcome is dependent on who does the treatment.

It’s like Botox, if you have a botched outcome, it usually because you went to someone who didn’t know what they were doing. She assured me, that CoolSculpting, when done right works perfectly to remove the stubborn stomach and love handle flub that was keeping me grumpy.

From the moment I walked in, I felt at easy, it was obvious they are the CoolSculpting experts and I love that they’ve done more treatments than any other provider in Arizona.

I treated that day and boy am I happy.

Guess what, the other office never even called me to confirm my appointment, so I canceled it online and never heard from them again. I guess it’s true, you get what you pay for.