flat suction applicatorsAs you can imagine your abdomen has the possibility of looking very different than another individual who is also frustrated with belly fat.

At Bodify, the #1 CoolSculpting provider in Arizona and known for being the best at CoolSculpting and getting our clients incredible CoolSculpting results as seem from our client CoolSculpting after photos, we love every BODY and have so much fun looking at and assessing each and everyone who walks through this door.

No two people are alike and the combination of flat and suction CoolSculpting applicators available allows us to expertly assess you and give you great CoolSculpting results.

Often people will go to multiple consults before deciding where to get CoolSculpting done. We love when a consult comes in and they have gone elsewhere, they immediately feel a difference in how our office feels, how our staff treats them and the care and attention we give them.

Why? Because we know that freezing your fat can be intimidating, we believe everyone deserves respect and a tailored body contouring assessment that is honest and will truly help you get the CoolSculpting results you want so you can share your CoolSculpting after photos/pictures proudly.

Many offices over quote CoolSculpting candidates telling people they need to do multiple rounds or should treat other areas on the body that aren’t necessary or worse, aren’t good candidates.

It can be a money grab for some offices. Because, at Bodify, we guarantee a result, you can rest assured we will never lead you down a path or treat an area if we are not 100% confident it will make a difference in how you look and feel.

Figuring out the best treatment plan, which applicators to use and how many applicators to use is one of our favorite parts of the job. Often other offices will devise a treatment plan for a person who is now at our office (because they’ve read CoolSculpting reviews, done their due diligence and recognize that Bodify is a expert CoolSculpting provider and the clear choice) that is not as efficient or effective as it should be or in some cases, is flat out wrong.

There are certain things you never do, a single applicator across the abdomen, a suction applicator on the outer thigh or a suction applicator on non-pinchable fat for example, but offices all over do this because they lack experience, want to make the most money they can off you and haven’t done enough treatments to know what works best.

At Bodify we have! As of Oct 2017 we have 12,000 treatments under our belts over 500 five star reviews and an incredible reputation among clients, Zeltiq/Allergan and competitors alike.

Click HERE to schedule a complimentary consult at Bodify, AZ’s #1 CoolSculpting provider that has earned over 500 Five Star reviews and gets its clients amazing results and guarantees if you freeze at Bodify you will see great results in your CoolSculpting after pictures or we re-treat you for free.