Everyone, and I mean everyone, would love to have less fat on their body. Having done 16,000 fat burning treatments with CoolSculpting, I know this is true. Even those who have incredible bodies and look amazing, still want to enhance how they feel in their own skin.

I always remember that everything we do on a daily basis is in an effort to feel better. Regardless if we want to burn fat, put on lipstick, grow more hair, dress in a fashionable way, EVERYTHING we do is in an effort to feel better. So while some may say CoolSculpting isn’t for everyone, I think that offering a solution for frustration with fat, regardless if you have a little excess fat for a lot of excess fat, why would you say no to non-invasive fat burning with CoolSculpting when you can’t achieve the results you are wanting on your own. Why not get help from an FDA-cleared technology that’s been around for nearly 10 years, has been done over 8 million times (as of 2019), is non-invasive, effective and allows you to get dressed in the morning and look in the mirror without wishing you saw a different reflection.

Those who are ready to look and feel their best and say goodbye for good to stubborn fat with fat burning technologies like CoolSculpting opt to go to Bodify, Arizona #1 CoolSculpting provider.

Why? First and foremost, it’s all they do and when you are getting rid of fat once and for all, don’t you want to be in the hands of experts and specialists vs. a jack of all trades? We know we would! Second, our online reviews show just how exceptional we are at making sure our clients are top priority and that we deliver on our promises. What’s more, we guarantee your fat burning results because we think it’s the right thing to do. If you invest in CoolSculpting and fat burning at Bodify, we make sure you get a result or we do it again for free! No one else in the valley and very few providers in the nation are willing to do that. Why not? 70% of your results are based on the treatment plan, applicator placement and after care instructions, so when an office isn’t confident in their staff, they don’t stand behind their work or the technology.

We love to use CoolSculpting to burn fat away for good. We’ve done over 16,000 treatments (as of 2019) and are so grateful to have a technology that works and gives our clients the body changes they have been striving for yet unable to achieve!

Often those who come to us have been trying to get results for months if not years. What they remember is even when they were “thinner” they still had one or two spots that refused to budge. I think this is great news as it means it’s not about lack of effort, but rather that your body has stubborn fat cells that don’t care what you do, they aren’t going away. So the intelligent thing to do, is get outside help just like we do in all other areas of our lives.

When you get dressed in the morning, if you don’t like how you FEEL in your clothes your entire day has a different trajectory than if you feel great, what’s that worth? At Bodify we’ve build our business based on making you feel GREAT in your body and we can’t wait for you to be our next success story!