yoga at home

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have clearly experienced unprecedented times these past few months.  Many states, like Arizona, are now slowly opening back up, which means gyms have reopened with extra precautions.  However, you may not be ready to head back to the gym quite yet, and the team at Bodify understands your hesitation.  

You may be someone who gained the “Quarantine 15” during the months of shelter in place, and indulged in binge-eating while binge-watching, and you should know – you are not alone.  Many find themselves in the same predicament from being more sedentary with nowhere to go and nothing to do and are now ready to get healthy again and achieve their ideal summer body.  Or perhaps, you’ve taken advantage of more time on your hands to get in some at-home sweat sessions, but you may be frustrated with some problem areas that won’t tone up no matter how much you exercise and resist unhealthy foods.  Whichever boat you are in, it’s important to know that a consistent at-home workout routine paired with CoolSculpting can completely transform a body.  Plus, the benefit of staying active definitely extends beyond just physical; exercise can also improve your mental health by lowering stress and anxiety.  

If you’re not ready to completely bust out of quarantine and are reluctant to head back to your gym, there are a variety of workouts that can be done from the comfort of your home to get you moving and active again!  Here are some great ways to get in exercise while still maintaining social distancing from home.  

    • Sweat with YouTube!  YouTube features a variety of free workouts with minimal equipment.  This is a great option to get you motivated and moving because it’s easily accessible from your smartphone or streamed to your TV, plus it’s FREE!  Here are some of our favorite channels to get you going:
      • Yoga with Kassandra is an excellent resource for yin yoga and vinyasa flow with hundreds of free videos for every ability-level.  Her soothing videos vary between 5 to 30 minutes and will definitely leave you feeling much more zen (and sore!) than before you started.
      • If you’re looking for something a little more fast paced, both POPSUGAR Fitness and Fitness Blender are great channels that offer a large variety of higher-intensity workouts guaranteed to get you sweating, no matter your current fitness level.
    • Take advantage of free fitness apps!  There are plenty of apps that offer free workouts that you can do from the comfort of your home.  Yoga for Beginners features free 10 minute workouts that can boost energy and help flexibility and toning.  Another favorite of ours is The Daily Workouts app which features a series of 10, 20, or 30 minute workouts targeted toward abs, arms, legs, or the full body. The Nike Training Club app features new daily workouts to target both your lower body and upper body and your core.  Because of COVID-19, Nike recently made all videos free and available to everyone – we love that.
    • Do virtual workouts offered by your gym!  Many gyms were forced to come up with creative ways to still help their members amidst the pandemic, and most are still offering those services!  Check to see if your gym is posting online workout regimes for you to do at home, or they may be live-streaming their workouts for you. Even popular group-training studios like Orangetheory are continuing to share new 30-minute workout videos every day, featuring some of their most popular coaches from around the world.  

When you combine any of the above with CoolSculpting treatments at Bodify, your body can absolutely transform. coolsculpting event Even with a strict diet and targeted exercise, certain parts of the body can simply be resistant to change, so taking advantage of CoolSculpting technology alongside your at-home workouts will help you maximize the results you want.  If you’ve been in a quarantine funk, you’re definitely not alone – but it’s time to get moving and work toward your goals again!  Set up a free consultation with Bodify to discuss your goals; they are even providing virtual consults for clients to help with social distancing.