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DIY CoolSculpting!? Absolutely NOT.

Non-invasive fat reduction treatments have gained tremendous popularity over the past decade, and rightfully so. At the top of every list for effective, non-surgical body contouring methods is CoolSculpting Elite.  At Bodify, we have two locations in Phoenix (Arcadia) and Scottsdale (Kierland), and we are always proud to boast [...]

CoolSculpting Elite = Non-Surgical Lipo

If you’re dealing with stubborn fat and not feeling like your most confident self, you may be researching your options for fat reduction. Most people have undoubtedly heard about surgical options like liposuction, but it’s understandable to be put off by such an invasive, painful procedure. Especially when there’s [...]

Not Loving Those Love Handles? CoolSculpting Elite Can Help!

Both men and women have stubborn fat on their body that won’t go away with simple diet and exercise. As we age, it can become even more difficult to target some of those problem areas, and it can be frustrating to look in the mirror and don’t see the [...]

What Parts of the Body Can Be Treated with CoolSculpting Elite?

At Bodify, we see it all the time. Many men and women follow healthy lifestyle habits, and yet, there are simply parts of the body that are non-responsive to eating well and targeted exercises.  And truly, it’s important to look your best so you FEEL your best. If you’ve [...]

Does CoolSculpting Elite Work On Thighs? YES!

Do you have thick thighs and feel like they’re not saving any lives? Or, certainly not letting you live your best life as your most confident self? Bodify, a premier med-spa with two Phoenix-area locations, specializes exclusively in CoolSculpting Elite, an incredible non-invasive technology that has the ability to [...]

We LOVED CoolSculpting Then, and we LOVE CoolSculpting Elite Now!

Bodify, Arizona’s premier medspa, began because of two sisters’ dream of building a successful business with each other while simultaneously making a difference in people’s lives. In 2015, we opened the doors of our first location and have since expanded to two beautiful Valley CoolSculpting locations in Arcadia and [...]

Get Back On Track With CoolSculpting Elite

Perhaps you’re one of the many who fell into bad habits when quarantine hit last year, and have since struggled to get back on track. Or, maybe you’ve consistently been a yo-yo dieter and are finding it difficult to stay motivated. Whatever your unique situation is, it’s not uncommon [...]

Does CoolSculpting Elite Target Back Fat?

Is it time to put your back fat behind you, for good? As CoolSculpting Elite experts serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, and the entire Valley of the Sun, Bodify has met with thousands and thousands of men and women who are insecure about their back and bra fat and are desperate [...]

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