diet freedomHow nice would it be if we knew ourselves well enough to know what makes us “crack under pressure” and how to avoid those pitfalls that push us to make bad food choices that prevent us from reaching our goals and having the body we want?!

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to ensure I don’t fall off the wagon. I want to honor my body; I, like you, only have one life to live. Some days are more challenging than others.

Here are a few things I’ve found that help me stay on track and not go down a road of poor eating choices which erode my goals for a healthy and happy body that looks great.

  1. Make small adjustments. I love when I talk to people and they state “starting tomorrow I will NEVER” or “starting tomorrow I will ALWAYS.” Wow two hard claims to stand by always and forever! Start with small minor adjustments so you can begin to build confidence and see the impacts of your choices and commitments.
  2. Take the emotion out of it. Anytime I am feeling I want to stray from an eating goal. I put a 10 minute buffer between when I have the thought and when I go to eat the desired item Why? Typically by the time the buffer ends, I’m over the craving. If I’m honest, my desire to deviate from the plan is usually related to an emotion I’m having. So I’ve learned to process through that emotion vs. eating it!
  3. Ignore outside influences unless they are helpful. People all around you will tell you what to do and how to achieve success, but guess what their experience may be very different than your own. You must find what works for you. 10 years ago I’d go out with my friends and they would all interject comments about how I ate and how often I worked out. Well guess what, they didn’t have type 1 diabetes and their genetics were totally different than mine, and my eating and exercise habits worked for me, so I didn’t need their opinions to derail me.
  4. Read food labels. Ugh, one of my least favorite things to do, because usually I have to put down the item I want. The choice is up to you, if you read a label you are no longer ignorant and you are fully aware of what you are putting into your body- make good choices, and your body, heart and mind will thank you for it.

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